We’re a venture capital fund backing the visionary entrepreneurs creating ingredients and enablers.

Our own extensive experience founding and growing companies is bolstered by a network of strategic partners with deep expertise in the bioeconomy. Together we can bring your idea to life.

Our mission

We believe that innovation and collaboration are the keys to creating a sustainable, nourishing and scalable food system – and we back the bold founders making it a reality.

From fermentation-based ingredients to innovative technologies and hardware, we invest in the inputs that will power the next generation of food and bioeconomy solutions.

Our focus

We focus on inputs
Inputs for food systems
that can scale
as COMPONENTS that enable processes
needed to build Food in the age of Bioeconomy
Health, People, Planet

for Food

Methods and processes that use scientific and technological advancements to develop new types of ingredients. This field of research focuses on various themes, such as fermentation, alternative proteins, and side streams.

Enablers for Bioeconomy

Innovative manufacturing solutions leveraging techniques to process food, scale production or improve food ingredients' functionality. This category encompasses hardware and smartware equipment, microencapsulation and automation.

Health, People,

Technology and platforms connecting the value chain - focusing on food safety, health, and waste reduction. This includes traceability, precision nutrition, food sanitation, and sustainable solutions to reduce food waste.

What we add to the table

Investor experience

We have collectively been investing in the food industry for 10 years via VC funds, accelerators, and family funds.

Founder experience

We have build and led high growth companies within deep tech, software, logistics and food & beverage.

Industry experience

We have built innovative food & drink businesses, established the R&D kitchens of the world's most spectacular restaurants, and worked hands-on in international Michelin kitchens.

Meet the team