To find organically grown grains, one often needs to look beyond Denmark. BOOST is a GUDP-project striving to change that by cultivating new high-quality organic grain variants in the country. In partnership with the University of Copenhagen, we are identifying the qualities that will be in demand for future use by brewers, fermenters, bakers, and chefs. We are also exploring exciting new food products that can be created using these new grain varieties.

Project Members:



Gl. Buurholt Hovedgård


University of Copenhagen

Kost Studio

Year: 2022-ongoing

Category: food development, research

BOOST - to meet the growing demand of organic grains

The demand for organic grains is growing, but the Danish grain market struggles to catch up. The available organic grains either have too low a protein content or struggle to handle illnesses without the use of pesticides. As a result, Danish brewers and bakers either use conventional ones or import special grains instead.

Until now! The EU has lifted restrictions, which BOOST aims to take advantage of. If the project succeeds, we will become less dependent on conventional production methods and the use of pesticides. With Landsorten in the lead, the project will cultivate new robust organic grain variations in Denmark. The diversity and quality of Danish organic grains needs a boost. 

Freekeh on Danish durum wheat

Freekeh is a whole grain, traditionally durum wheat, harvested very early and then toasted. At the harvesting point, the sugar molecules have not developed into starch. It is also sensitive and molds easily. To prevent that you toast them, which also gives them a nice flavor. We wondered, does this method work for other grain types? Turns out, it sure does. At this point we have tried it on Danish durum wheat.

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