Heerings Gaard

Beyond all reason and at great expense, we held onto a century-old cherry liquor barrel that we were gifted. Storing it was only justified by our hope that one day, this wilted wood might bring historical value. Then we met Tobias. He had developed a technology to extract the flavor of “barrel aging”, in less than two weeks. And so, "Heerings Gaard - 12 days old Grain Spirit" was born, a tribute to the legendary cherry empire. 

Partner: EtOH

Year: 2020

Category: Food Development, The Taste of a Place, Research, Storytelling

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EtOH - the Technology

Traditionally, it takes several years, decades, to develop the depth in taste that quality whiskies get from the barrels they are aged in. EtOH has developed a revolutionizing technology that extracts the taste from old oak barrels through using ultrasound. With the help of it, the Heerings Gaard spirit absorbed the whiff of the historical barrels of Christianshavn in 12 days. The genius behind the technology is Tobias Emil Jensen, food scientist and brewery engineer. If it is enough to challenge the established whiskies, is a question that EtOH have provided the consumers to answer.

Stored the Barrel Against All Logic

We stumbled upon a nearly century old cherry liquor barrel. A life-time opportunity for a food historian who has written books about cherries and its part in Danish food culture. We stored it, thinking that one day we would use it to develop our own liquor. After some time, we figured out that it no longer was tight enough to store spirits, it was too fragile to fix and storing became expensive to a degree that no logic could back up. We nearly forgot about the whole thing until we met Tobias, whose innovative technology could revitalize the Heering Gaard barrel's unique history in flavor.

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