NatMad Event Series

There is a magical spot between science and craft, where “aha” moments come from. That's why we've created NatMad, a series of educational events that explore the fascinating field of gastrophysics. We aim to teach chefs and food science educators why understanding the science behind cooking is so important, and we guarantee that both speakers and attendees come home feeling wiser and filled with inspiration. Welcome!

Project Members: 

Smagens Dag

University of Copenhagen

Kost Studio

Year: 2022-ongoing

Category: Events, Education

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Perfect for teachers in food science - Aha! That’s why!

These events are designed for teachers in food science. Gastrophysics is not part of their education, but we believe it gives a wonderful understanding of cooking. At each event, we bring together a practitioner and a theorist and the seasons are divided into the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth. We talk about molecules but bring it back into the craftsmanship. First when you know the science behind baking bread and combine it with working with your hands, you fully grasp the craft. 

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